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We are aware there may be other pronouns/spelling that we have listed. If the spelling you favour is not listed, please let us know, and we will manually update your details.

We collect phone numbers because a number of our games require the use of a mobile phone. We will not contact you outside of games without your permission.

Use this space to tell us anything you'd like us to know - people you'd prefer not to interact with, but can be at a game with, people you cannot be present in the same game/space as, any physical accomodations we might be able to make to help you access our games, or anything else you want us to know that might help you have more fun at our events. Games and game sites being what they are, we can't promise we'll always be able to meet every need, but we'll do our best, and at least be able to advise you if a given game is going to be suitable for you. Anything you enter here will be kept confidential.