Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

You might have noticed that we don't have one of those annoying "consent to cookies" pop ups on this site. That's because the only cookies we use are ones that are absolutely required in order to allow you to log in and buy tickets/play games. We do not track your useage of this site with any third party services. We do not collect any information from you that is not required in order to take part in one of our games.

If at any time, you'd like us to remove your data from our system, you can email us and we'll do so ASAP.

We do make use of the following third party services to help us deliver our offering:

  • Mailchimp (to manage our mailing lists)
  • Mailgun (for the various customer service emails our system generates)
  • (for some push messaging functions in use on some games - it's a little technical)
  • Stripe (for billing)
  • Paypal (for billing)
  • Twilio (for SMS/telephony function in use on some games)

By using our services you consent to appropriate data being passed to these parties, for the purpose of delivering our games to you.