Equality Policy


This policy is the Badgers and Jam general Equality Policy. Individual games may refine this according to more specific requirements, and any game-specific policy should be considered to supersede this one, but where no specific policy exists for an individual game, this policy will apply.

This document is constantly evolving and we welcome any constructive feedback to help us improve it.

This document should be seen as setting a tone for the kind of events we wish to facilitate. We will use our own judgement in how it is implemented in any given circumstance - specifically, as with any set of rules, we will attempt ensure that they are implemented to the spirit they imply, not the letter they are written by.

Violations of this policy will be handled according to our general incidents policy.


All rules apply at live events and in any online medium connected with Badgers and Jam events.

General behaviour at events

Any real-world sexism, racism, homophobia transphobia, ableism (or any other form of prejudice) or violence of any kind has no place at Badgers and Jam events. Any player engaging in any such prejudiced, bigoted or real-world violent behaviour at an event may be asked to leave and/or banned from all future Badgers and Jam events. We will not hesitate to involve the police, if appropriate.

While alcohol may be available at some Badgers and Jam events, please note that intoxication will not be viewed as mitigation in the case of unacceptable behaviour.

In game behaviour and game themes

Our games will not feature themes of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, sexual violence (meaning reference to any form of non-consensual sexual activity), domestic abuse, infanticide or eating disorders unless we are specifically facilitating a game intended to addresses one of those themes as a central concern, where it will be clearly flagged as part of the game.

If it is not indicated as a theme of the game, then any in-game behaviour or language that would fall into those categories/reference those topics is prohibited. If at any time, a player is unsure whether a given behaviour or reference might be prohibited in-game, we suggest they err on the side of caution.


It is the nature of some events to be physically demanding, and therefore possibly unsuited to people with certain physical disabilities. Similarly, there may be puzzle or written elements to games that are unsuited to people with certain disabilities, and there are other issues that participants might face that might mean they are either unwilling or unable to participate in certain kinds of content.

We will strive to indicate where we think issues may occur both before and during events, in order to allow people to make informed choices about participation.